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Here at A & G Custom Sprints we will build a custom 1/18 scale replica of your sprint car. The model is modified from original casting and custom hand made arm guards are made to replace the out of date parts on the models. Next we move on to the front wing where we hand make new side panels to update the wing if necessary.  The cars are then prepped for final painting. A top coat matching the actual paint used on your car is then painted over the replica car. After the car is painted, your graphics are reproduced and applied to the car. We take the time to reproduce as many decals as possible. And finally we clear the cars with a clear.

Here is a quick list of custom pieces we have made to this point:
Wheel Covers for the front and rear wheels
Replacement arm guards (Standard large panel look and replica "Big Max" Panels)
Custom Front wings (2 styles)
Custom Hoods
Custom Top Wings
Sun Visors